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Announcement Winter 2020



Christmas is coming on Saturday, the 26th of December at 1:00 PM EST | 6:00 PM UK | 19:00 CEST.
Click HERE to see what time the release is for your specific timezone.

Similarly to last Season, we will be hosting a World War event to conclude this season.
The World War will commence on Wednesday, the 23rd of December at 1:00 PM EST | 6:00 PM UK | 19:00 CEST.

Additional information about the World War, such as its' functionality and prizes, will be shared in our Discord server.

In celebration of the new Season, Winter 2020, we will be hosting a giveaway. The giveaway consists of 4 different items with 4 different winners:
  • 1x Christmas Bundle​
  • 1x Winter Bundle​
  • 1x Lifetime Obsidian Rank​
  • 3x Queue Bypasses​

To enter the giveaway, visit the #giveaways channel in our Discord server here.

All important information about the new Season is listed here.

Grace Period: 7 Days
Max Nation Size: 20 members (+20 upgradable bonus)
Max Nation Land: 4,000 chunks (+1,000 upgradable bonus)
Max Allies: 4 (+2 upgradable bonus)

Newly added and removed features are listed here.

Gifts is a brand new feature, exclusive to the Winter 2020 release.
They are obtainable through "Gift Drops"; an event that occurs:
  • When a Vote Party commences (small chance)
  • When a player purchases it from our webstore found HERE
During the Gift Drop, 10 random chests, gifts, will appear in Spawn. They can be interacted with, and whoever interacts with them first will receive some epic items, such as balance, tokens, crate keys, machines, and so much more!


Machinery was an essential part of the last season, and will be even more important this season. But how...?
  • Added new Salvager Machine
    The Salvager machine will use its' Energy to convert an item into its' recipe! Cool, right?
  • Added new Charged Anvil Machine
    The Charged Anvil machine can repair broken items, using Energy!
  • Implemented an I/O system
    The I/O system (input/output) will allow transfers to machines using hoppers; this makes it easier for automation of machines, and requires less player supervision.

    Exact details on how the I/O system will work will be provided once we get closer to release.
  • Buffed Jetpacks
    Jetpacks will now be 2x more efficient
    Jetpacks will now consume less Energy when you are in your own nation territory
  • Machines will now count towards nation-top points
NOTE: Machinery will always be evolved, improved and expanded upon; new machines will be added, changes will be made and bugs will be fixed. Do NOT hesitate to share your feedback on how to improve machinery in our Discord.

Wars... the most important, yet never-working feature.
This season, we've put some efforts into fixing and improving wars, here's how:
  • Wars will now be split into two different stages
    Wars will now occur across two different stages: the Capturing Stage and the Elimination Stage.

    The Capturing Stage
    Your nation has to "hold" your opponent's capital for 20 minutes.
    If your nation succeeds, you win that stage.

    The Elimination Stage
    Your nation has to eliminate the opponent nation a specific amount of times to win.
    The nation that reaches that specific amount first will win that stage.

    The nation with most won stages at the conclusion of stage 2 will be the winner of the War.
    Yes: wars can now tie too.
  • Wars can now be temporarily paused if both nations agree
  • Disabled Jetpacks in wars
  • Fixed issues with called-in allies not being able to hurt others or be hurt
  • Fixed issue where you could capture a nation from Warzone
  • Fixed issue where you could not pick up items in enemy territory during a war
NOTE: Wars will always be improved and expanded upon; changes will be made and bugs will be fixed. Do NOT hesitate to share your feedback on how to improve wars in our Discord.

There are 2 types of nation tax: upkeep tax & player tax. You can read more about the taxes below:
Every week, on Sundays, your nation will be charged with a tax of $5 for every claim you own.
This process is done automatically.

If your nation, however, lacks the balance to pay this tax, you have until the following Sunday to pay off both taxes. If you do not pay off both taxes, your nation will be
Faction Leaders can set a tax rate, a percentage from 0% to 100%.
Every week, on Sundays, each and every member are required to pay the percentage of their balance to their nation.
This process is done automatically.
The leader can see who taxed and how much, and therefore, punish tax evaders.

Don't like your current leadership? No problem.
You can now overthrow your own government - if enough members share your opinion.

The nation election consists of 3 stages:
  • No-Confidence: Do you have any confidence in your current leadership?
    Requires at least 50% of the nation to vote FOR, for this to pass.
  • Overthrow: Do you believe the current leadership should be overthrown?
    Requires at least 66% of the nation to VOTE for, for this to pass.
  • Leadership: Who should be the new leader of the nation?
    The member with the most amount of votes will be assigned leader at the conclusion of the election.
Later on, we will support nations holding their own elections for other things, such as, "invite this player" and so on.

... have been removed.
They have been replaced by various items.

  • Added /baltop, /tokentop and /playtimetop
  • Added a fee to Warps
    To warp, you must now pay a certain fee. This fee is dependent on your distance to the target warp.
    The fee has a base cost of $1,000, but is increased by $1 for every 10 blocks. Warping from NA West to Australia would cost

    You will NOT have to pay this fee during the Grace Period.
  • Added a setting in the Skills Menu to turn off Skill master abilities (/skills)​
  • Added wrenches and chunk collectors to the machinery crafting guide (/machinery)​
  • Added fish to the Shop​
  • Added support for 1.16.4​
  • Rank colors will now appear in a player's nametag (above their head)
  • Disabled /repair in Combat​
  • Removed soups​
  • Removed Nightmare World​

All changes, improvements and bug fixes are listed here.
  • Changed the store message to avoid confusion with the messaging sound​
  • Changed the Butchery Skill master ability: it will now drop the head (of the opponent) rather than to give double drops​
  • Changed the Mining Skill master ability: it will now work similarly to the previous custom enchant AutoSmelt​
  • Changed the Fishing Skill master ability: it will now have a chance to drop random items​
  • Reduced the requirements for The Fishing Skill; it should now be easier to master​
  • Reduced the faction point deduction​
  • Magma Block can now be used to charge the Energizer machine
  • Nation points can no longer be negative
  • Adjusted crate rewards to make them more balanced
  • Renamed Slaves to Soldiers within the dictatorship government​
  • You will no longer be able to claim the corner of a safezone
  • You will no longer get kicked for spamming certain commands
  • Fixed a bug where you could claim using the nation GUI in situations where your nation should not be able to claim​
  • Fixed a bug where you could use /f city in Combat​
  • Fixed a bug where you would not get combat-tagged when shooting someone with a gun​
  • Fixed a bug where you could use /f deport in Wars​
  • Fixed a bug where Farming Skill would not work on Cocoa Beans​
  • Fixed a bug causing players to be able to rename items to gun names​
  • Fixed a bug causing the reactive economy to not be affected by /sell all​
  • Fixed a bug causing your Jetpack to stop working when disbanding your nation​

Again, the new Season will release on Saturday, the 26th of December at 1:00 PM EST | 6:00 PM UK | 19:00 CEST.

As always, we hope everyone will come to play!

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