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Denied Williams application


New Member
Minecraft IGN: william69420

Discord #: WILLIAM#8336

Age: 16

Timezone + Region: central EU (Sweden)

Languages you can speak fluently: swedish, English and I can understand German almost perfectly but not speak it

How active can you be?: More active than current geo staff

Are you currently staff on any server?: no

Why should you be chosen as a staff member?:my previous application got accepted. I love 2015delta and monsterhunter even though I have been mean to them and I now that deep inside they love me back.

I am biased but that hasn't stopped anybody else from becoming geo helper so I'll just slide it under the rug.

There is no way I'll be a worse mod than Djennusmenier.

Anything else you want to mention 8tv is cool I love my good friends the senior mods(only senior mods may read this: hey can you guys do me a favour and let me through cause I'm trying to become a helper thanks boys)

Interview me and I'll give completely serious answers and you will be blown away by how prepared and organized I am.