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There's no format for this, but I'd like to go over the benefits of implementing the media rank and why I might be eligible for it.
Firstly my YouTube channel is not large. I have 57 subscribers which I've racked up in the recent month or so from uploading Geographica videos. Most of my views come from Geographica war videos, now that the war is semi-functional. I average around 190 or so views per Geographica video (less for my other videos, but I have a bunch of shitposts). My youtube channel is small but there is still benefit to implementing the rank, which I'll get to soon.

The benefits of a media rank are quite heavy. The server gets more exposure from different communities, which is true in my case. I play on other geopol servers aswell as HCF, and 99% of these people have not played on geographica before. After uploading the videos, which usually contain content from different wars on the server, I have had people from different servers see my video and then ask me if they can come and play with me on Geographica. The viewers I have from outside of the server are mainly from the civ genre, SMPEarth and DatBlock. All of these servers are geopols. We (as in our group) are more or less famous/infamous on these servers. The videos I post get spread around in said communites. So far I'd like to credit my videos to the creation of the Blizziran faction on geo (which had quite the few players when they got set up, but later quit as there was no functioning war) and many DatBlock players came for the PVP.

"57 subscribers and 190 views per video? That's not a lot." It's not as much as toycat, that's for sure, but it still has an impact. Bigger servers, such as CavePVP and ViperMC (both HCF servers) have relatively low requirements for their respective versions of the media rank. On CavePvP, which pulled 400 players last week for SOTW on one of their HCF maps, the requirement for their media rank is 200 subscribers and 100 views per video. Whilst I don't meet the subscriber part as my channel is new, I do have almost double of the required views. And thats for a server with hundreds of players each SOTW (weekly).

Adam claimed he was unaware of whether or not there was some form of a Media rank. Although it has not been very known, one does exist in the form of a discord role and in-game rank. The benefit of a Media role that is given out to people is that inspires people to make videos of the server, which in turn generates more publicity and exposure for new players. As I understand it, Geographicas discord has been declining in members for a long time. If you suddenly had a bunch of the players now motivated to making some form of uploadable content you might break that trend. As I probably have the most geographica videos with the highest average views (except Toycat and that italian guy) I believe that I would be a good first. If I was granted said rank it would inspire me to spread my videos more, record more content and edit it together more "profesionally". If you don't like the idea of such a small channel having the media rank, or you believe that this could lead to too many players having the media rank, you could always increase the requirements later on to prevent smaller channels from being granted the rank.

EDIT: Here are a few of my videos

I hope you take the application seriously as it is beneficial for the server,

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I think it would be benefitcial for the server to give William the Media Rank. There have been quite a lot of players checking out geographica because of his videos, from other geopol servers.

When you are a player who is on other servers, and you upload about geo your enemies and allies will want to check out that server. Since william has made a lot of videos on geo this has been the case and people form servers like SMPEarth, Datblock and yes, even viper have checked the server out.


+1 Yaahya is right people from other server has joined geographica because of his videos


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1+ Yaahya couldn't have said it better. I think William would be good for Media Rank. He post a good amount of Geo pvp. He would bring in more players helping our player count grow. William is an fantastic choice for media rank.



While we do appreciate the efforts to record and promote the server, the Media rank is only intended for large channels.

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