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Denied Wadoo_1 Staff Application


New Member
Minecraft IGN: Wadoo_1

Discord #: Wadoo#6825

Age: 15

Timezone + Region: GMT+2, Netherlands

Languages you can speak fluently: Dutch and English

How active can you be?: I can average between 2-3 hours per day in game, and can be active on discord for over 8 hours a day.

Are you currently staff on any server?:
No, but I am currently co-owner on one of the largest hypixel parkour housings. We see tens of thousands of unique players each week, and have been the #1 housing on multiple occasions. We average 125 players (max capacity). This job requires me to constantly interact with players, helping them with issues. We often have to deal with toxic players and I am well accustomed to players like these.

Why should you be chosen as a staff member?:
I have been playing Minecraft since the beta, having lots of game knowledge. I also have lots of experience on the server, accounting for over 18 days of total playtime (Very little AFK). I am very active both in game, and in the discord, trying my best to be involved with the community. I have been a part of the Geographica community for just over a year now, and have enjoyed this time greatly. A few qualities I have which I believe to make me fit for the job are being able to view situations from alternate perspectives and problem solving. I am always keen to try and solve a problem as efficiently as possible and would be prepared to help resolve situations I might encounter on the server. I try to give back to the community by hosting events such as pvp, parties and am working on a parkour event along with a few other players. I have been helped by staff members countless of times, and would like to help give new players the same experience I had, and making the server a great place. The relations and interactions between staff and players are very important, and would like to make them as good as they can be. I think the server has lots of potential and I would love to help it become the best version of itself!

Anything else you want to mention?:
I am currently in the process of becoming a sailing instructor, a job which will require me to teach to kids between the ages of 6 and 14 to sail. I think this will have me encounter many scenarios in which I will have to overcome a problem using logic and reasoning. The skills required to do this are not very far off those of a geo staff member, and I believe would help me greatly if I were to be accepted.

Thank you.


+1 he's wadoo. He might be a little much to handle at times, but he works well with many people already on the team.


New Member
This man lacks the attention of curiosity and learning something new.
He is one of the many those who we call "cringe" and I'm gonna keep talking verbose because idk what I'm saying. -1


New Member
+0.5 Same as Yaezu, I don't know him that well and he's not on often anymore. But the times he is on he's a very helpful and kind player


Hello. After allowing the senior mods (@MonsterHunter, Delta) to have a bigger say in the applications this time, I noticed both unanimously declining your application. As such, I'm not considering the application whatsoever.

Sorry, good luck next time. :(
(Note: if you wish to apply again, please do so in 2 weeks)

I misread what one of the senior mods had said about your application, sorry for the inconvenience! You're no longer denied.
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+1 Very active in the community and has helped plan multiple events within the community. I’ve had the experience of playing on the server with him last season and he is very hardworking and is team oriented.


Hello! After looking into your application, and details surrounding your presence in the community, along with previous punishment records, I have decided to deny your application.

While I appreciate your constant activity and dedication to the server, I do not feel comfortable adding you to the team with your large record of past infractions, along with what I've gathered that looks to be evidence of you duping on an unrelated server.

Sorry! Good luck next time.