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Denied SypanTheImpaler's Staff application


New Member
Minecraft IGN:SypanTheImpaler

Discord # DimitraKYS#3205


Timezone + Region:EET South Aegean

Languages you can speak fluently:Greek English

How active can you be?:1-10 hours i'm always available feel free to dm me any time you want i will respond in 1minute at max

Are you currently staff on any server?:No but i have experience with being staff on many Greek servers

Why should you be chosen as a staff member?:I'm very active i'm playing here since the server first opened i always get out of my way to help new players
i usually tell them how to get started on geographica make a faction make money ect as i mentioned previously i can be online for many hours so if i become staff it would be
more practical for everyone to catch cheaters or other illegal activities

Anything else you want to mention?: , i always was fascinated with geographica and always dreamed of being a staff so if i get accepted it would be a dream come true


Hello! After looking through your application, I have decided to deny you.

This is due to you being below the age limit for the application, and having a rather short app at that.