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IGN (In-Game Name): salman_32

Discord Name (xxxx#1234): ! S78#5295

Age: 16

Timezone + Region: (GMT+3) ksa

Languages you can speak fluently: english arabic

How active can you be?: 5-7 hours a day if no exams if there is exams it would be reading tickets on my phone and game about (2 hours)

Do you have a working microphone?: yes

Do you have any previous staff experience? (if so, describe it and what you learnt from it): i did in another server but not in minecraft for (8) months i learnt how to help people and how to resolve a conflict between people
Are you currently staff on any server?:no

Why have you decided to apply?: to help staff and players that play the game . leting players have a better experince and fun in game
i like to treat people fairly in a conflict i work great under pressure , i am friendly with new members . i like to take time and look at all details in a conflict i make sure both sides are happy . i hate how people use x-ray and other cheating methods which ruins the game

How can you presence benefit the staff team?: by being active i will help alot of people . less people might need help by having a larger staff team .

Why should we chose you as a staff member?: i am active i play the game alot i would like to help others who are in need or in a conflict

Anything else you want to mention? if i get accepted can i make another account to be an admin in
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Application is low effort and under detailed. Take your time to make a strong, detailed application that shows you're willing to put in the effort. Don't instantly reapply.

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