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Announcement Spring 2021


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The new Season brings the new ULTRA Rank, a new world, planes, Devices, and much more!

Spring 2021 is coming on Saturday, the 10th of April at 1:00 PM EST | 6:00 PM UK | 19:00 CET.
Click HERE to see what time the release is for your specific timezone.

Store: (25% sale!)

Similar to all other Seasons, we will be concluding the current season by hosting a World War event. This World War will be different from the traditional Battle Royale-style, and everyone will be alone. We will provide more information about the World War, such as its' functionality and prizes, in our Discord server.

The World War will commence on Thursday, the 8th of April at 2:00 PM EST | 7:00 PM UK | 20:00 CET.​

In celebration of the new Season, Spring 2021, we will be hosting a giveaway. The giveaway consists of 4 different items with 4 different winners:
  • 1x Spring Bundle
  • 1x Lifetime ULTRA Rank
  • 1x Lifetime Obsidian Rank
  • 3x Queue Bypasses

To enter the giveaway, visit the #giveaways channel in our Discord server here.

All important information about the new Season is listed here.​

Grace Period: 5 Days
Max Nation Size: 20 members (+20 upgradable bonus)
Max Nation Land: 4,000 chunks (+1,000 upgradable bonus)
Max Allies: 4 (+2 upgradable bonus)

Newly added and removed features are listed here.​

ULTRA & Coal Rank
Spring 2021 brings two new ranks; the lowest possible rank and the highest possible rank: Coal and Ultra.
You can read more about them below.

Coal is our new low rank on Geographica. It is placed below Iron in the hierarchy.
The Coal Rank is unlike all other ranks not purchasable. Instead, you will receive Coal Rank for 7 Days by voting on all four voting sites (/vote).

We will provide more details about its' perks at a later date.
ULTRA is our new top rank on Geographica. It is placed above Obsidian in the hierarchy.
The Ultra Rank is extremely good, and unlike all other ranks, it is a global rank. When we expand the server, adding more servers and gamemodes, the Ultra Rank will be universal.

You will be able to purchase ULTRA after the World War, at

The first discovered world outside of EARTH; we're in Space now!
  • The Moon is a new dimension, replacing the End.
  • Well... you can kill Aliens. They have a small chance to drop the newly added Moon Dust item. Moon Dust can then be used to construct Moon Armor. Aliens also drop Moon Pearls.
  • Rockets... prepare for lift-off!
The first nation to place a flag (banner) on the Moon will receive some cool perks.

Spread your wings! ... or well... start the Engines! Planes are here.
  • Planes are new vehicles, obtainable through the Vehicle Shop.
  • They... fly.

Devices is a brand new machinery item.
  • Devices are complex ability items added to machinery
  • Initially, there will be two devices available:
    • The Lockdown Device
      The Lockdown Device is a new machine item that a player can craft.

      Right-click on a block to put the device down, creating a 50-block wide sphere surrounding the area.
      All players within the sphere after 20 seconds are "locked" for 5 seconds. Being locked gives you blindness, slowness, and slow digging.
    • The Seeker Device
      The Seeker Device is a new machine item that a player can craft.

      Right-click on a block to put the device down, beginning to seek all nearby players within a 25-block radius.
      All players within the parameter will have their name written on the device, as well as exact distance and player health.

A new season brings new machines and some long-awaited features!
  • Added Solar Panels
    Solar Panels will automatically generate energy during the day. Depending on time of day, it will generate between 0-375 energy per second and has a max capacity of 100,000 energy.

    Similar to the Energizer, Solar Panels can directly "charge" an item.

    The recipe for Solar Panels can be found in /machinery.
  • Added Disenchanter
    The Disenchanter Machine will be able to remove the enchantments of an item and return them as enchanted books.

    The recipe for Disenchanter Machines can be found in /machinery.
  • Increased Charged Anvil slots from 3 to 4
  • Ethanol Molecules are now stackable

  • Added a reclaim for all donator ranks using /claim
  • Added nation tokens
    You can now deposit and withdraw tokens to your nation, similarly to nation balance, using /nation tokens. Nation Tokens are used to, purchase nation upgrades.

    When winning a War, the winning nation will automatically have 300 Tokens inserted into their nation reserve.
  • Added a co-leader role
  • Added in-game events
    In-game events, such as Sumo, KOTH, Paintball, will be hosted occasionally on the server - handled by plugins.

    More details on the event schedule will be provided at a later date.
  • Added a nation upgrade for extra cities (and reduced default city limit from 5 to 3)
  • Added more levels to Skills
  • You can now view all current bounties of online players using /bounty list
  • Increased the speed of some vehicles
  • Updated war signs for all text to properly fit the sign
  • Changed Gifts to Easter Eggs
  • Removed nation claim tax
  • Please note all changes are not listed as they will be released for a later update.

  • Optimized the machine task
  • Fixed a bug where Fuel Pumps would not be saved properly
  • Fixed the wrong texture for taurine
  • Fixed a dupe exploit with Combat Loggers
  • Fixed a formatting bug with the Grace Period timer
  • Fixed a rare bug where Chunk Collectors would glitch when being destroyed
  • Fixed a bug where enderpearls would randomly cancel due to "pearl glitching" when pearling longer distances
  • Fixed a bug where you could shoot (and kill) yourself to receive a bounty placed on you

Again, the new Season will release on Saturday, the 10th of April at 1:00 PM EST | 6:00 PM UK | 19:00 CET.

As always, we hope everyone will come to play!

Store: (25% sale active later!)



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