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Denied SexualHarraser ban appeal

IGN: SexualHarraser

Are you appealing a ban or a mute?: Ban

For how long are you punished?: 7 days

When were you punished?: January 23rd

Explain yourself + Why you want a second chance: I was outside of the warp of the paintball event, when I killed someone who had chorus fruit in their inventory. I then wondered if I could chorus fruit into the event. I ate 2 chorus fruit, and on the third I was teleported into the event. I was overwhelmed with joy when I saw 4 people in leather armor in front of me, so I immediately killed them all. I believe that I should be unbanned as I believe that I did not break any rules as they were in warzone. Also I am very sorry and wont do it again. :)


You ban was fair, you even knew you were going to get banned for that

But 7d was too harsh so it will be removed to 1d

Monsterhunter464 - Manager