Denied S78_ staff application

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IGN (In game name, aka username): S78_
Discord Name (xxxx#1234): ! S78#5817
Age: 16 with proof
Time zone and Region: Time zone in Riyadh (GMT+3), I live in Saudi Arabia Riyadh
How active can you be?: Saturday to Wednesday : 3pm to 7pm
Thursday and Friday : 1pm to 12am

Do you have a working microphone?: yes hyper x Quadcast and razer headset working perfectly fine to assist players of geo

Do you have any previous staff experience? (if so, describe it and what you learnt from it): yes I used to be a head admin in five m server for 7 months
what I learned :

-how to assist people
-how to help a new person to get started
-how to solve a problem to make both sides happy
-helping other staff team
-answering tickets in the best possible way
-how to handle an issue
-team work

Are you currently staff on any server?: no looking forward to be a staff in Geographica

Why have you decided to apply?:

-I have been playing Geographica for 3 seasons there are a lot of problems that happen without staff being there I wish to fix that problem or help fix it I can be active which is a solution to it.

-I want to help new players with joining / starting a nation
-how to use commands
-show them how to warp
-show them /sf and /ah
I didn't have anyone to help me start so I would like to help new players

- I want to help geo community to see it grow and become better

-I would like to make geo community less toxic and I don't want to see staff abusing there powers instead I would like to talk to them to solve an issue so they don't hate the game

How can you presence benefit the staff team?:
-I can benefit the staff team by being active to assist players and help other staff members
-I played geo for almost a year and a half I know the rules so I can easily catch someone that breaks the rules and handle the issue in the best possible way
-I can help with tickets since I have 2 monitors to check new tickets from my point of view as a player staff take along time to answer I want to handle that issue
-I can help almost as soon as possible since I enjoy playing this server.

Why should we chose you as a staff member?:
-in my opinion staff team should choose someone that has been a player with an experience and ask them for his point of view to make geo a better community
-by me being active many issues in the server will be solved more players might join
-I believe Geographica is a good community and players must have a chance to experience the game
-By having a big staff team geo community will be less toxic
-I be active at night which not many players are there I wish to assist them since staff team are a sleep

Anything else you want to mention? I applied for staff team 4 times and I will keep trying till I get in since I love Geographica.
I want to solve problems since I see them a lot and staff team are not there or afk but I cant do anything since I am just a player
I love to assist players even if don't get in the staff team I keep assisting them by command questions or any other questions that they have
I speak Arabic and English which might benefit staff since there is no Arabic staff member


Sorry, but your application won’t be moving forward this time as you have a recent ban history. Please wait 2 weeks before reapplying.
Thanks for applying!
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