Denied Razvan2's staff application again

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IGN (In game name, aka username): Razvan

Discord Name (xxxx#1234): Razvan#3732
Age: 13 almost 14

Time zone and Region: UTC +3 EEST

How active can you be?: I can be online basically all the time and on weekends i can be for the whole day and my timezone is different so when all the other mods are offline i can be online

Do you have a working microphone?: yes

Do you have any previous staff experience? (if so, describe it and what you learnt from it): I have been staff on a discord server, to be specific I was a mod on that server. What’ve I learnt from it was teamwork is the perfect thing for keeping a comunity safe.

Are you currently staff on any server?: currently i am

Why have you decided to apply?: I have applied because I am very helpful knowing a lot of information about this server. And also, I have been playing on this server for quite a time now and I would like to help new players. I have also seen many people do punishable things and staff members are offline and he gets away with it many times afecting the new players.
How can you presence benefit the staff team?: I am helpful and I know all the rules of this server meaning whenever I see someone breaking the rules I could just punish them on the spot. + I can guarantee whenever someone needs help, I can help almost as soon as possible especially since i enjoy playing this server.

Why should we chose you as a staff member?: I can easily catch anyone if they are doing activities that aren’t allowed, in my opinion Geographica is supposed to be a society where people can have fun, so if anything is happening that isn’t allowed in this society, I can most definitely catch since of I am active for a long time of the day, I am really helpful in supporting people since I know a lot about the game mechanics.

Anything else you want to mention? I tryed to apply many times but i didint get accepted so i tryed again beacause i enjoy playing on geographica and many times when I have been online, I have seen many punishable things that either annoyed me or were just a horrible thing to do; and at those times mostly no staff were on or they were afk. And also I can speak 3 languages fluently so if anyone who doesn’t know English fully needs help, I could be able to help them (the languages are Romanian, French and English.) And for this reason i think its the next step for me in the geographica comunity. :D
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-1 Don't say "13 almost 14" because it makes you look immature. Your effort and spelling could use some work too.
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