Denied Punishment appeal request


New Member
IGN (In Game Name): Gameboy_Flyer
Are you appealing a ban or a mute?: ban
How long is your punishment?: 1 day
When were you punished?: 06.15.2022 (American day)
Reason for appeal (explain yourself & why you want a second chance :I understand that I have pushed shradinx to the warzone not intended. I haven't killed him or abused him in anyway. My nation were having fun with him. The truth is that he was ok for me punching him, but he started to use his sword and so did I. He started hitting me, then he banned me.
I'm just letting you guys know that I have spent money on this game and I wish to have a fair trial.
And I wish to comeback online to experience why I join this server (I still don't know why after 2 years)


Hello! Unfortunately, the username you have posted is not affiliated to any existing minecraft account. There is likely a typo here. I cannot proceed with the appeal unless I know who is appealing. Denied.