Accepted Obama_Balls420's Treaty Evasion Ban Appeal


IGN (In Game Name): Obama_Balls420
Are you appealing a ban or a mute?: Ban
How long is your punishment?: 7 Days
When were you punished?: 2022-05-01 22:21:25
Reason for appeal (explain yourself & why you want a second chance): Ok so, I joined the nation yesterday, and today, I_StarveChildren, or Coke, asked me to go to to [coords] while on a discord call. He asked me to take all the diamond blocks, turn them to diamond and sell said diamonds. I was aware that there was a war a few days ago, but I wasn't aware that this "vault" was linked to treaty evading. I am sorry for my wrongful act and I will next time, ask more question to both my superiors and the staff. Thank you for considering my appeal.
Cheers, Loik Meilleur.