Denied ndusper's Staff Application

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IGN (In game name, aka username): ndusper
Discord Name (xxxx#1234): ndusper#3667
Age: 14
Time zone and Region: Central and Southeast Europe and Central European Time
How active can you be?: I can be at times very active and some other time very inactive due to my testicle treatment or homework (will tell u what that's about later on)
Do you have a working microphone?: Yes, but it sounds bad.
Do you have any previous staff experience? (if so, describe it and what you learnt from it, and which server/game it was on): No, but it has been a dream of mine
Are you currently staff on any server?: No
Why have you decided to apply?: I have decided to apply so i can rid Geographica of hackers, cheaters, rule breakers, and most of all cheaters, it just annoys me how some people can get away with it if there isn't evidence, so I will try to be active as much as possible to see if they are cheating.
How can you presence benefit the staff team?: I can be very active, I know injustice and justice, i know the rules and i've been a member for 5 seasons now and i have a general knowledge of Geographica.
Why should we chose you as a staff member?: Because i trust the staff members, and i hope they trust me. I really look up to staff members as protectors against hackers, cheaters and etc. I want to help you beat them so Geographica can be successful and very active
Anything else you want to mention?
Yes, i do. I have testicular destortion and my family had there puberty very late, so i may sound like I'm 13 or 11 or any age below 14, but it's because of health related problems that I did not share with most people, except with my cousins and family. I got it from when I was playing soccer. He shot me right in the nuts at exactly 50 mph because he was 16 at the time, this was happening when i was 13, so you wanna know, well that's it for my thread, hoped u enjoyed reading. And I will see u on the staff team if I am accepted


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You spoke about your testicular problems more than anything else. Additionally, read the requirements before you apply.
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