Accepted Monkeesk Builder pt2

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IGN (In-Game Name): Monkeesk
Discord Name (name#xxxx): Tmxo#3589
Age (must be 14 or older to apply): 17
Timezone: UTC
Previous servers you've built for: geographica, about a year and a half ago i was builder but foolishly i quit after becoming a pvper (something i regret hugely)
Portfolio (screenshots of your builds):
i also previously built a few events and helped build the big city in s5 where the purge happened

people can vouch for me that i know how to build lol
i know i have not got the best record and have had many chances to change before but i have changed from previous way and i have completely removed myself from the pvp community and want to help build as its something I'm truly passionate about i also believe i can help as i have extensive knowledge of world edit and other building tools.

coords to cities ive helped build
1720 76 -4658 (i took the city over today so only managed to build the church thats there)
2660 64 3023 Began building houses around that area (not finished but will be soon)
also built loads of other cathedrals and churches across the map but dont really count them as they arent fully finished

in conclusion i really just wanna help the community out <3

p.s this isnt my best of work i just wanted something current to put in my app so whipped this up <3
Not open for further replies.