Denied LexHR45's staff application

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New Member
IGN: LexHR45
Discord: Nexoo_#3614
Age: 18

Time zone, region:

CEST, Balkan region, Croatia

How active can you be:

I can be active every day, for 3+ hours.

Do you have a working microphone:

Yes, I do.

Do you have any previous staff experience?

Yes, I have. You remember that I was a member of this staff team. I think I've done my job here well until I did that dumb mistake that you know about. All my punishments were reported and I think I've done everything well.

Are you currently staff on any server?:

No, I am not, neither playing anything else on Minecraft while Geographica is dead in terms of player counts.

Why have you decided to apply?:

I've decided to apply because I loved being a part of the staff team. Also, I think enough time has passed since I was removed from the staff team to be able to apply again. You know that I've done my job as a staff member profesionally, I helped many people and my mistake was not affecting any other player, it was a silly mistake and what you can be absolutely sure now that I will never do something like that, again.

How can your presence benefit the staff team?:

I think my presence can surely help you because I'll always help anyone and take my time to explain something or teach someone something that they don't know. I am a very patient person and that is surely helping.

Why should we chose you as a staff member?:

Why? Well, because I've already been a part of this team and you know I've done a lot of work while I was a part of it. I know all the procedures in the staff team (unless something changed) and I'm going to fit in easily. I can speak Croatian what means I can cover Croatian, Slovenian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Macedonian and Serbian because all these languages are very similar. I also know a bit of Russian and I'm able to read and write cyrillic. Of course, I know English and I can communicate in German, but only the basics.

Anything else you want to mention?

I am once again sorry for what I have done to be kicked out, but we all know people make mistakes and so do I. I had no bad intentions, but I admit, that was a wrong thing to do.
I applied a month ago and if I get declined this time, can you please tell me when & what should I do to be a part of the team again and do I even have a chance? Thank you.


I believe that you have changed during your months off the team and have decided to give you a chance.
A Senior Mod will be in touch regarding your interview!


Senior Administrator
Upon careful consideration, we have decided to deny you. We do not believe you are suitable for the position at this time based off of your history on the team.
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