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Denied Landlot's Staff Application

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New Member
Minecraft IGN:Landlot

Discord #:Landlot#9968


Timezone + Region:Timezone Central (USA) Region SouthEast Missouri

Languages you can speak fluently:Fluent English and Spanish

How active can you be?: I can be active right now 5-10 hours a day

Are you currently staff on any server?: I just finished up being a helper on SurvivalMC (for 3 months)

Why should you be chosen as a staff member?:
I should be chosen for staff because I love to help out new players whenever I can, and when people are being suspicious I always try to see what's going on, I also think I’d be a good staff member because I am on all night sometimes I stay up till 5am playing this game. I have a clean record ( never cheat) as well when im online when most staff aren't online so i want to make it so that the hours that that helpers are widened in order to promote security in Geographica. I take Geographica very seriously and would never do anything to tarnish its reputation.

Anything else you want to mention?:
I would like to see new players grow, as well as watch the Geo player base grow. I’ve helped ban a dupper and some of my suggestions have been accepted.I would love to be a helper and help this server grow. Im not that active in the Geo General that much because I spend most of my time in sub geo discord’s (Country or Union discord’s). If need be I can switch my priority to the main geo discord, as I am always reading the geo discord’s for updates and player debates. I am very active in the geo community and would love to help expand the Geographica Community!
Not open for further replies.