Accepted Jakub_Tyrell's ban appeal

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IGN (In Game Name): Jakub_Tyrell
Are you appealing a ban or a mute?: ban
How long is your punishment?: 7 days
When were you punished?: like 5 mins ago
Reason for appeal (explain yourself & why you want a second chance): I did not inside, all of that stuff we took was rightfully mine or Dawsons, Dawson made all the sets and i didnt even take all of them, i made the pots and still left some behind. We all grinded that stuff and it is unfair that we got banned, also I they lucky i didnt take money that was also mine becuase i deposited about 1.2 mil for them. This is totally unfair and I think Hokkaidosushi faked it being his.

Edit: Im willing to give the stuff back but not all of it, we deserve to take some our stuff back. Im sorry I insided and I wont do it again. Hokkaido also has no proof of me insiding.
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Since you and dawson made majority of the gear that was taken, you can be unbanned, please be more careful in the future when it comes to taking gear from shared faction chests as people might get the wrong idea
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