Accepted Imagine_Simpai's Ban Appeal

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IGN: Imagine_Simpai
Ban Length: 4 Days
Reason: TP Trapping
Date: 2022-04-15

I'm aware of what I did, and do not expect my ban to be removed. This is mainly to apologize for my actions, and hopefully have my ban reduced. To start off, me and my friend were joking about bed bombing--which got me banned a few days ago because I did it during the grace period. We thought it'd be funny if we did it again, since we were told it is allowed during PvP. I decided to look through the rules, checking if it was allowed, and I saw no rule against it. (Note: I did only check key words, which is something I shouldn't have done; I should've looked through the rules fully and thoroughly.) My friend and I then bed bombed near the obsidian platform, which caused someone to fall in the void, and wanting free stuff, we made a barrier around it to make sure the stuff didn't fall into the void. We chose obsidian because it was blast proof and it didn't catch fire when exploded. We did this for about 4 kills, then we ran off and tried to act innocent when someone told on us. In hindsight, we should've turn ourselves in. Then when we went back thinking it was safe, we ended up bedding a mod--which I'm sure you're aware of--in disguise. When we figured out it wasn't a real player, we thought, "Oh sh*t, we're done." Again, we should've turned ourselves in sooner. Then trying to act casual again, I accidentally bed bombed my friend, which I guess incriminated me more since I had a bed on me. Again, my goal here isn't to be unbanned, nor to forgiven. After reading the rules again, we're aware--or at least I am--that we broke rule 9 of the Earth Rules subsection of the In-Game Rules. As for my friend, he barely did anything, which is why I ask for AFrogsNation's ban to be reduced--if not removed--rather than mine. This is my apology, through telling my story of the things that happened.


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Since you seem to show remorse and are trying to take responsibility for your actions you can be unbanned. But this is your 2nd time tp killing, so do not let it happen again or you will recieve a much harsher punishment
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