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Denied GSmantra/Shlaks staff application :)


New Member
Minecraft IGN:

Discord #:


Timezone + Region:
Australian Eastern Standard Time

Languages you can speak fluently:
I can speak English, but i'm also semi-fluent in German

How active can you be?:
On weekdays (except Fridays due to TAFE), I can be active 3-5 hours in afternoons, on weekends, i can be active 7-10 hours afternoons to nighttime

Are you currently staff on any server?:
I am not currently staff on any servers, minecraft or otherwise

Why should you be chosen as a staff member?:
I am an active and long time member of not just the geographica community, but the minecraft geopol community as a whole, being active here since a bit before the toycat boom. For these reasons, i'm quite dedicated to the server and I really
want it to see its maximum potential. I love this server, It's one of, if not the best I've played on, and i'd love to contribute to it in really any way (Which is why I want to be staff here in the first place). I am also rather mature (around people who aren't my friends) and have experience
mediating (verbal) fights from moderating a couple decently sized discord servers. I am also an experienced minecraft player, familiar with everything from the base mechanics, redstone, plugins, and even (due to me being active on
anarchy servers) hacks, if the issue ever arises

Anything else you want to mention?:
This will be my first time staffing a minecraft server if i'm accepted, but that's not to say i'm inexperienced, i used to moderate a few unturned servers and even a gmod server once, and was the head admin on one of the aforementioned
unturned servers until the owner had to shut down the server because he had to go to university.

Sorry for the long read, hope I get accepted


New Member
+1 nice guy, friendly
-0.5 Hasn’t been active lately and also is a wilderness hunter which means he kills noobs which defeats the purpose of “helping new players”


Hello! After looking through your application, along with checking discord/game activity, among many other things, I have decided to accept your application into interviews.

This doesn't mean that you're necessarily being accepted; it just means we wish to take a closer look at you before making a final decision.
You should get a DM from one of the senior mods detailing the interviews sometime soon.

Thanks for the application!