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Denied GoldBlooded's Staff Application


New Member
Minecraft IGN: GoldBlooded

Discord #: GoldBlooded#6471

Age: 17

Timezone + Region: EST (USA East)

Languages you can speak fluently: English

How active can you be?: I am active everyday on discord, and am always ready to answer any questions should they arise. I am on almost every day of the week, and for multiple hours everyday. I try to stay active throughout the season, despite the wavering player numbers that occur as a result of the season dragging on. I stay full season round, and always am there to answer any questions in game or on discord.

Are you currently staff on any server?: No, I am not.

Why should you be chosen as a staff member?:
I know there are many other people who applied to become staff, and who have said they are experienced or qualified. I think I stand out from them, as I have helped multiple people in the community already and consider myself a helpful member of this community. There are many qualities to being a staff, such as: helping others when they have questions or issues, punishing those who disobey the rules, and most of all, being an upstanding community member. I feel confident that I can help others and punish rule breakers, but most of all, I feel very confident that I can be the role model and staff people look to when they need help. I connect with the community very well and would love to transfer my experience there to the staff team.

Anything else you want to mention?: I understand that there have been many applications, but I hope you consider mine as you read through the rest. I have never had the opportunity before to help out on a server I really enjoy, and I really believe that I can help the community and better Geographica as a whole. Thank you for taking the time to read through my application!


Hello! After reviewing your application, I have decided to deny you. This is due to a lack of activity in game and on discord. If you wish to apply again, you can do so in a minimum of two weeks.