Denied GameboyFlyer staff application

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Thread title: GameboyFlyer application for helper
(In Game Name)'s Staff Application

IGN (In game name, aka username): GameboyFlyer

Discord Name (xxxx#1234): Flyer#7540

Time zone and Region: EST NA east

How active can you be?: later in the afternoon. Im usually at school during the week but i is my phone a lot so that doesn’t really matter if someone needs help

Do you have a working microphone?:Yes

Do you have any previous staff experience? (if so, describe it and what you learnt from it, and which server/game it was on):I do not have any experience in this position but i hope i will get introduce better into it

Are you currently staff on any server?:no

Why have you decided to apply?:I have many difficulties with the servers rules and wanna make them better. Most of the staff don’t support what i have to say and I understand that. I think this server should have a fresh new opinion which will make the server more diverse . I also have been in the server since the start but I know I haven't played as much like the other players but I have a big understanding what the server need. I have many benefit that i want to share with the server which will bring great value to the server. I also just don't want to help the server out but i also want to help with the players too. I have been in the community with this players for a long time and i understand that there values could benefit the server exponentially.

How can you presence benefit the staff team?: Having a new objective and a different view point of the server.

Why should we chose you as a staff member?: I only present values that the server need.

Anything else you want to mention?
I also know different languages such as Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. I know the server is lacking in diversity and I wanna help out in that. Also this server has true potential but there is wrong people using the server. I'm going to bring back the values that the server presented in the first day that i join. And I wanna give the players the feeling like i did when i joined
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"Also this server has true potential but there is wrong people using the server" what do you mean by this? And what will you do with those people once you get to staff?
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