Accepted GameboyFlyer Ban appeal


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IGN: GameboyFlyer
Are you appealing a ban or a mute?: Ban and mute
How long is your punishment?: 2 days
When were you punished?: today (8/12/2022)
Reason for appeal: I got muted and ban at the same time so I don't know what to apologize first. But if I'm going to be very honest and I'm not trying to cause and harm to anyone but I don't see why my opinion was so offensive. I got homophobia first offense which is understandable because I have a very strong opinion about this and I believe i had the right to express it. I don't think my opinion matter at all and no ones opinion matters too because they are not true and only based on feeling. I feel disgusted by i have to apologies for my opinion. People do have the right to get offended in any of my opinion but that doesn't mean you had to mute or ban me just because you disagree with it. This server is very important for me because i feel like it has very high values like other server has. I know this form will be declined because many of the staff members hate me for expressing my felling but that fine by me if that how this server is runed.


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the past staff team decided that you are accepted and if the present staff team say otherwise just call them losers