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Fall 2020

This Season has been in the works for the past 3 months and we have spent a lot of time to make it how Geographica should've always been. This season contains a total of 170 additions, changes, and bug fixes, and as you understand yourself, with many changes comes bugs. We do not expect this release to be perfect, nor do we expect it to be insanely smooth, but we have spent the past time upgrading our systems and preparing for this release as much as we can.

Date & Time
Fall 2020 will be releasing on Saturday, the 12th of September at 1:00 PM EST | 6:00 PM UK | 19:00 CEST.

In celebration of the new Season, we are currently hosting a giveaway. The giveaway features the following items:
  • 1x Fall Bundle (1 Winner)
  • 1x Lifetime Obsidian Rank (1 Winner)
  • 1x Lifetime Emerald Rank (1 Winner)
To enter the giveaway, visit the #giveaways channel in our Discord server here.

Season Information
This section covers basic information regarding the next Season.
  • Grace Period: 7 Days
  • Max Nation Size: 20 members (+20 upgradable bonus)
  • Max Nation Land: 4 000 chunks (+1000 upgradable bonus)
  • Max Allies: 4 (+2 upgradable bonus)

This section covers all changes that were made for this Season. To view these, simply click on the category you want to read about.

This section covers all additions that were implemented between the Seasons. Bold additions are typically bigger and more important features.
  • Added Guns
  • Added Vehicles
  • Added Machinery
    • A more in-depth guide of Guns, Vehicles, and Machinery will be released prior to the season start
  • Implemented a new economy system: Reactive Economy
    • This new system is a global system where the more of an item sold, the less it actually sells for
    • The worth of items is re-calculated every 24 hours (subject to change)
    • So, how does this work?
      • Good question - we will show you with an example instead:
        DISCLAIMER: These are not final and can be subject to change at any point
  • Added a custom resource pack!
    • When you log in, you will be prompted to download and use the resource pack to ensure a better and smoother experience
  • Added a Skill System
    • By doing certain things, you can level up that specific Skill
    • When leveling up, you receive rewards ranging from balance to tokens to random items
    • After reaching a specific Skill level, you "master" that Skill. By mastering a Skill, you gain a permanent passive boost connected to that Skill.
    • There are 5 skills:
      • Butchery - Killing animals and mobs
        • Passive Boost: Receive double XP and double drops when killing mobs
      • Farming - Harvesting crops
        • Passive Boost: Automatically replace crops when breaking them
        • This passive boost is similar to *now deleted* Harvester Hoes
      • Fishing - Catching items or fish
        • Passive Boost: Receive extra, random rewards when fishing
      • Forestry - Chopping trees
        • Passive Boost: Automatically break down the entire tree when mining a single piece of it
        • This passive boost is similar to *now deleted* Lumberjack enchantment
      • Mining - Mining ores
        • Passive Boost: Receive Haste IV for 6 seconds whenever you mine an ore
        • This passive boost is similar to *now deleted* Energizing enchantment
    • To view all skills and track your current progress, use /skills
  • Added a new dimension: Nightmare
    • Nightmare is a new dimension filled with blood and horror!
      • World border at 1,000x1,000
      • Custom Terrain
      • PvP enabled across the entire world
      • Custom Mobs
    • This new dimension will also be the place for two new events: KOTH's and DTC's.
      • KOTH (King of the Hill)is a tactical PVP-based event
        • The purpose of KOTH is to capture and hold a pre-defined area, the capture zone, for 15 minutes
        • If a nation holds the capture zone for 15 minutes without being knocked off - they receive a "KOTH" crate
        • This crate contains many good and exclusive rewards
      • DTC (Destroy the Core)is a faster-paced, tactical PVP-based event
        • The main objective of a DTC is to break an Obsidian block at a defined location
        • When the Obsidian block gets broken, it respawns, but a HP is deducted
        • Once the HP goes below 0, the nation who broke the last obsidian block wins and receives a "DTC" crate
        • This crate is good - but not as good as a KOTH crate
    • This new dimension can be found at Spawn
  • Added /trade
    • You can now safely trade with others using the new /trade command
    • Trading will open a GUI where you can see the other player's items, as well as input your own
    • Trading is limited to a distance of 100 blocks of another
  • Added Notes
    • Notes are like in-game vouchers, except that all players can create them
    • Notes come in 3 types: balance, tokens, and XP
    • Notes are particularly useful when using /trade to allow players to trade otherwise impossible items
    • To create a note, use /notes in-game
  • Added Chunk Collectors
    • Chunk Collectors is a new item and is a replacement to the previous Chunk Hoppers
    • The functionality remains the same, however, with Chunk Collectors you can now collect blocks, mob drops AND farming items. All in one.
      • Shift + right-clicking the Chunk Collector will allow you to change what to collect
    • You can now choose to temporarily de-activate a Chunk Collector. This will prevent it from picking up any items until you activate it again
  • Added Player Shops
    • You can now create your own shop with your own items to your own price!
    • Check out player shops using /shop
  • Added a new item: Wrench
    • Wrenches can be used to mine 1 Spawner and 2 End Portal Frames
    • Wrenches can only be obtained through crafting:
  • Added claim rewards
    • Every hour, every day and every week, you can claim new rewards using /claim
  • Added new donator commands
    • /ptime <time|disable>
      • This command allows you to set your own player time
      • Available to all Emerald and Obsidian players
    • /feed
      • This command will set your food level to 20
      • This command has a cooldown of 5 minutes
      • Available to all Obsidian players
    • /heal
      • This command will set your health to 20
      • This command has a cooldown of 5 minutes and can only be used outside of Combat
      • Available to all Obsidian players
  • Added /printer
    • This command will activate printer mode that will automatically purchase new blocks from the shop when you run out!
  • Added new Custom Enchants:
    • Triplet (Epic): Have a small chance to shoot triple arrows
    • Alchemist (Legendary): Prevent debuffs (poison, weakness & slowness) from affecting you
  • Added a cooldown to right-clicking Mushroom Cows to getting soup
  • Added a confirmation when disabling your Immunity timer
    • This should reduce instances of new players being tricked into disabling it
  • Added a "recent donator" NPC in Spawn
  • Added new death messages
  • Added /stats <player> to show essential statistics
This section covers all changes that were made between the Seasons.
  • Implemented several performance fixes
    • Added a slight delay to entity loading to reduce load on the server in cases where many entities were present
    • Added better handling for large movement vectors - this should prevent crashes where players would move at impossible speeds
    • Optimized entity searching (such as when looking for entities within a player's range)
    • Improved hitbox collision checking
    • Removed unnecessary thread-safe handling in entity data
    • Removed several instances of unnecessary casting in chunk entity tracking
    • All these fixes/improvements should contribute to an overall less laggy experience, especially with higher player counts
  • Broadcasts will now only send to "qualified" players
    • For example, the linking broadcast will no longer send to already linked users
  • Ally Options are now changed per-ally
    • This allows you to give more access for allies you may trust more
  • Homes are now GUI-based
  • You will now receive 1 level back when de-enchanting a book
  • You can now give any nation permission to build in a certain chunk
    • This will allow other nations to create things like embassies
  • Changed vote rewards
  • Changed scoreboard design
  • Changed crates and loot boxes slightly
  • Changed Tokens
    • Tokens will no longer be randomly rewarded when mining or killing mobs
    • Tokens will now be obtainable through Voting, Skills, Crates, killing players, among other things
      • As a result, Tokens are rarer and the token shop prices have been adjusted accordingly
  • Changed faction boosters
    • Removed the "Warps" booster
    • Added two new faction boosters: furnace and brewing speed
  • Changed the faction point algorithm
    • Previously, nations would receive 1 point per kill. This has been changed to a formula: 0.97 ^ x where x represents the nation's kills. This formula cannot fall below 0.01 points per kill.
  • Changed the claim fill algorithm
    • Claim filling should now work in ALL cases
    • Claim filling should no longer impact server performance
    • Claim filling is now more than 2 times faster
  • Made several improvements to the Dynmap
    • The nation descriptions will now be properly spaced
    • You can now zoom out further and properly on the Dynmap
    • Player health will no longer be shown on the Dynmap
  • Made several improvements to our profile/data system:
    • Fixed case-insensitive profile queries
    • Fixed slow profile data saving
    • Fixed slow profile queries
    • Profile data should now properly save in ALL cases, regardless of server crashes
    • Profile Settings, such as chat color, sometimes resetting has been fixed
    • When a rank expires, the previous permanent rank will be applied, rather than default
  • Made multiple changes to Custom Enchants:
    • Added more in-depth descriptions for some enchantments
    • You can no longer purchase custom enchants
      • Instead, they are obtainable randomly when doing level 30 enchants
    • Catpaws
      • Catpaws will now negate all elytra damage
      • Catpaws is now a legendary enchantment
    • Nutrition
      • The chance to regain food has been reduced from 25% / 50% to 10% / 25%
    • Inflicting
      • The chance to inflict hunger has been increased from 3% / 5% to 5% / 10%
    • Lifesteal
      • The health "stolen" has been reduced from 1 HP per level to 0.5 HP per level
      • The chance to "steal life" for Lifesteal III has been reduced from 25% to 20%
    • Removed following enchantments:
      • Flinge
      • Grappling
      • Angelic
      • Healing
      • Silky
      • Lumberjack
      • Energizing
  • Chickens will now lay egg faster if they are stacked
  • You can no longer move or teleport above the nether roof
  • You can no longer claim diagonally from a system faction (safe zone)
  • You can no longer set homes in another nation's territory
  • Removed God Apples
  • Removed Chunk Hoppers in favor for the new Chunk Collectors
  • Removed the XP Bank
  • Removed Faction Fly in favor of a new Jetpack item
Bug Fixes
This section covers all bug fixes that were made between the Seasons.
  • Fixed Combat Loggers
  • Fixed a bug with the faction top calculation that caused a performance loss
  • Fixed a bug where called-in allies could invite players to their nation during War
  • Fixed a bug where you could disguise as an already-disguised name
  • Fixed a bug where redeeming a Tag Voucher would not instantly grant you access to it
  • Fixed a bug where players would be lit on fire when shot by a flame bow even while in "safe territory"
  • Fixed a bug with the lobby balancing not accounting for offline lobby servers
  • Fixed a bug where thorns would damage players despite being in "safe territory"
  • Fixed a bug where the #server-log channel would display messages from other servers than EARTH
  • Fixed a bug where water could flow into nation territories, allowing players to water-grief
  • Fixed a bug where stacked mobs sometimes would appear inside a wall after being killed
  • Fixed a bug with the Mob Stacker that caused a performance loss
  • Fixed several bugs with the /wild command - it should now work properly
  • Fixed a bug with the countdown on the server MOTD
  • Fixed a bug where logging in with your scoreboard setting disabled would still apply a scoreboard
  • Fixed a bug where you could not type in faction or ally chat if the chat was muted or if you were muted
  • Fixed a bug where Hat Cosmetics would not properly display sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where profile settings would reset sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where balloon cosmetics would merge together when close to another
  • Fixed a bug where balloon cosmetics would not work in the lobby
  • Fixed a bug where balloon cosmetics would infinitely get stuck if the leash got stuck in something
  • Fixed a formatting bug with Immunity timer displaying "11:59:59" on the scoreboard instead of just "12:00:00"
  • Fixed a bug where command help pages would show fewer commands than intended (e.g. page 4 of faction help would only show 6 commands instead of 10)
  • Fixed a very rare bug where you could take out the "Confirm" button from the Forger menu

This Season has been in the works for the past 3 months and we have spent a lot of time to make it how Geographica should've always been. We appreciate each player who leaves feedback on how to improve the server. Without you, this Season could not be possible.

As always, we hope everyone will come to play!

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