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Denied emuzthewizard’s staff application

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Minecraft IGN: emuzthewizard

Discord #: emublue#1123

Age: 15

Timezone + Region: EST, North America East

Languages you can speak fluently: English

How active can you be?: around 4 hours on a normal day , on days like weekends and breaks from school well over 5 hours.

Are you currently staff on any server?:
I am not currently staffing on any servers

Why should you be chosen as a staff member?:
Why should you be chosen as a staff member?: I should be chosen as a staff member due to my large amount of time present in the geographica discord helping and having discussions with others, Not only am I a very knowledgeable person in basic Minecraft functions, I also have played upwards of 45 hours for each season with last season hitting nearly 70 hours, Also whenever am present in the discord I go through each channel to talk and help anyone in the different channels, finally due to the possibility of schools in my state only being opened for 3 days a week it will allow me to spend more time than usual on the server than I would if schools were opened normally allowing me to perform my duties as a helper for longer. I also am very familiar with the rules of geographica being here since Toycats video and complying with them ever since. These are the reasons why I would be a good staff member of geographica.

Anything else you want to mention?: My activity will only grow if I am accepted as a staff member both on the discord and the server itself, and due to the lack of things to do. I also have just over 9100 messages sent in the discord and I’ve got a decent mic for whenever I need to be in a vc.
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+1, active on discord, has been playing for a while, has rarely been punished, a nice guy, knows the rules and is committed to the server. I know this as sharing previous factions with emuz.


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+1 I've never really known him. But the times I have seen him online and on the discord, he's been nice to everyone and just- Well, just extremely kind in general.
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