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Denied CanadianToss Staff Application


New Member


What region are you from:


Do you speak English fluently:

Do you speak any other languages:
Just started learning french.

How active can you be per day:
I always have my phone on me with discord on it so I can check it any time of the day. I also spend a lot of my time chatting with people in the geo discord.
When the server is back up I will be very active ingame as I want to make a faction this season due to not having anything else to do this summer.

Previous staff experience:
In the past I was a staff member of geo as a helper but had to step down due to lack of time needed to be an active staff member. I have been a discord mods for some other games and some semi large discords but nothing major.

Are you staff on another server currently?

I am not staff on any other servers.

Why should we pick you over someone else?:
I'm one of the oldest players on the server coming in the first days of Toycat over a year ago and have been part of the Geo community ever since. Over this long time I have become one of the most well liked and trusted members and people would be happy to see me as a staff on Geo. I am never toxic and don’t get involved in conflict or drama and try to be friendly with everyone.
I'm also well versed into the Geopol genre with the first time ever playing on one being in 2016. Over the 4 years of playing on Geopols I understand how they work and the cultures around them. With having some of the most experience in Geopols I believe I would be able to give much better input and feedback on Geo along with being able to help find issues with the server.
I hope to become staff as most of my friends are Geo and wish to be an active part within the community i spend all day in.

Anything else you want to mention?:
I hope the new season will be good with all new things being added as I want something to do while in lock down.


+1 has played on geopol a lot, knows how the server works, really helpful and really active. also very ingrained into the community.
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