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Denied Brumzee’s Staff Application

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New Member
Minecraft IGN: Brumzee

Discord #: Brumzee#8953

Age: 16

Timezone + Region: EST, North American East

Languages you can speak fluently: French, English, Spanish

How active can you be?: I can be on 6 times in the week, and around 8-10Hours. This is of course dude to school being online and currently out, once school starts I estimate I’ll still be able to get 7 hours a day because it’ll be online

Are you currently staff on any server?: Currently I am not staff on any server, but I’ve been a helper on PvpLand

Why should you be chosen as a staff member?: I should be chosen for staff because I already help out new players, and always try to find out when someone is doing something suspicious. I also think I’d be a good staff because I’m in even when most people are asleep and I’m always here to help out anyone.

Anything else you want to mention?: Yes, I’ve helped ban duper’s and alts. I’ve almost helped new players start off, since it is quite hard to join mid season and would love to help solve even more of their problems. I’m very respectful towards others, and wouldn’t do anything to hurt the image and name of Geographica. I also run the Unofficial Geo Twitter although relatively new, it has already gained geo, 4 new players and gained followers relatively quickly
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I'll give a +0.5 since I don't know em toooo well. Aside from our first encounter, Brumzee has always seemed to be quite kind and invested in the game. I think he would perform well as a helper.


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Very immature and toxic. Also lies about a lot of things, which would be a bat trait for a staff member who should always deal with things honestly and fairly. I can also see him giving out extremely biased punishments


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-1: He's been mean a few times.

+1: However, other times he's been very helpful. He's gave me many tips for the server
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