Denied BrotherNumberOne Ban appeal

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IGN (In Game Name): BrotherNumberOne
Are you appealing a ban or a mute?: ban
How long is your punishment?: 7 days
When were you punished?: today
Reason for appeal (explain yourself & why you want a second chance): I killed a person through block glitching (opening and closing a door). I was banned for this same thing a few days ago while in actual player vs player combat, so I did not appeal as I consciously knew what i was doing was bad. This time around a naked player (we are now chill with eachother) which i had a disagreement with had hit me and run into his house multiple times. I abused the same glitch as i thought it wouldnt really matter as he was naked and presumably had nothing on him, but I got banned for 7 days for doing a little trolling. I believe I should be unbanned as I did not do this with malicious intent, I have learned my lesson the first time not to do the glitch in a pvp sense, but didnt really think about it this time around as it was more of a random occurrence of a naked player hitting me and hiding. I am sorry to veazy for killing him i had no malicious intent behind the murder unlike my first time around where I knew id be banned and still did it.
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