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Denied BrotherNumberOne’s staff application


New Member
Minecraft IGN: MangoWorms, changing to BrotherNumberOne on August 1st

Discord #: Brother Number One#7575 (this is my 2nd discord account as I lost access to my 1st one)

Age: 16, 17 in 3 weeks

Timezone + Region: EST, America

Languages you can speak fluently: English, broken Spanish

How active can you be?: 3-4 hours in the day and usually 4 more hours during the night

Are you currently staff on any server?: nope

Why should you be chosen as a staff member?: After seeing that staff applications are back open, I have decided to apply again. I feel as if I could be a valuable asset to the staff team in a few different ways. First of all, I’m usually always active throughout different times of the day including anywhere between 1pm - 5 am. A lot of times there isn’t always a staff member on to help with the occasional hacker or claim issues during these times. Another plus is that I’m very involved in the community, and interact with the people inside of it a lot. This also includes the staff team, as I am very friendly with most of them. I’m also not a very bias person, and like everything to be played out in a fair way, and I wouldn’t favor one person or another in a dispute. I am familiar with commands that staff use as well, as I was staff on a few older small servers. One big reason I would want to become staff is to help keep the server alive and the community thriving. I see a lot of new players and even older players quitting because they aren’t recieving the help that they need or are being ignored all together. I want to be able to help people solve their problems and make the server a fun time for everyone. One final issue I have seen is the common complaint of staff being biased. I get along well with 99% of the community (of course there’s always a few people you don’t get along with) and would never purposely try and get an opposing person/ faction in trouble.

Anything else you want to mention?: I have had a staff application accepted in the past but was denied after the interview phase. I’ve been playing geo for about 8 months now. I’ve been banned twice, once was a requested ban and the second time was for disbanding a faction after becoming leader (insiding).


New Member
Uh, unbiased opinion but.

-1: Toxic to new members, never seen him online before, commonly insults people out of the random.

+1: Reading his staff application, he seems like a very nice person. Plus, I've heard good things about him


I'll give a +.5 . He works well with many of us on the team but has seemed to have personality issues in the past. I have respect for his persistence in trying to get a shot on the staff team, and I think if he did join he'd perform well.


Hello! After looking over your application, checking over your past application, among other things, I have decided to accept you into interviews.

Note that this does not necessarily mean that you're being accepted, it just means that I want to have a better look at your application before making a final decision.
You should receive a message from one of the senior mods about the interview sometime soon.

Thanks for the second application!