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Denied Bornaca's staff application

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New Member
Minecraft IGN: bornaca
Discord #: L.H.Transport#8906
Age: 16
Timezone + Region: GMT+1, Eastern Europe
Languages you can speak fluently: English, Croatian
How active can you be?: for about 4-5 hours, but it depends on the school schedule
Are you currently staff on any server?: no
Why should you be chosen as a staff member?:
Because I've been on Geo for quite some time (being the last reset as well as this one)
and because I've seen that there isn't that many staff members active while I am (at least that's what it seems). I haven't got any infractions in the past,
I help anyone seeking for help in the chat if i'm able to, and I regularly find and report bugs and dupes (mainly with mob stacking, xp bank, /bottle when it was a thing etc.).
I'm not that active on Geo discord (excluding the nation advertising, questions, tickets etc.) because I currently didn't really develop a personality in the community,
but I'd really like to do so if I become a staff member. I personally think I would be a great part of the staff team because I really like fair play and helping
out with questions, muting and, if needed, temp-banning.
Anything else you want to mention?:
I think I've explained myself enough :) Also Kamchatka will rule the east if it doesn't already


New Member
Idk what to say here, I've never seen this guy before. I'm gonna say -1, Sorry.. But maybe if I get to know you better I can change my mind!
Not open for further replies.