Denied AstuteFlamez's Staff Application

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Note: A few days ago I submitted an application which did not exceed the word count when subtracting the formatting. Including the formatting it had 300+ words so I have been allowed by Glooming to re-submit with a few touches. Thanks.

IGN: AstuteFlamez

Discord: AstuteFlamez#2688

Age: I am 15 years old as of sending this application, although I will be turning 16 years of age in a few months.

Time Zone & Region: I am from Southern USA (Texas), my time zone is CST.

How active can you be? I can put in an hour every weekday and around 2-5ish hours on weekends.

Do you have a working microphone? Yes, I do.

Do you have any previous staff experience? Around 2 years ago during Covid, I attempted to create a Minecraft server that had around 20 to 30 active players online at once. I have since learned many things about "Minecraft staffing," such as commands, handling situations, and maturity.

Are you currently staffed on any server? No, I am not a staff member on any Minecraft server currently.

Why have you decided to apply? I know that I contain the ability to bring energy and activity to the team. With a new season on the way and the owners with less time, I would like to contribute to one of my favorite games.

How can your presence benefit the team? My presence will benefit the team through the energy, dedication, and kindness I will show to everyone. I will be the one who gets issues resolved and I will strive to make Geographica a better place.

Why should we choose you as a staff member? I know that I can be a contributing member to Geographica's staff team by always making sure the server is a clean and happy place; however, you should also select me as a staff member due to my experience and maturity in this “field”.

Anything else you want to mention? Currently, I am a sophomore in High School. I play for two soccer/football clubs and also do Speech & Debate for my school. I know what it takes in being a leader and hopefully soon enough you will be able to see that to. I joined the Geographica community back in the latter half of 2019, and since then I have played almost every single season. I have recommended this server to many friends and have helped to grow this server. Often I would go looking for new players to help them understand how to play--and also get a new member for my nation. I care for this server and was extremely excited to hear the news that Geographica would be getting another season. I know I have the ability and maturity now to help this amazing server for many seasons to come.

Thank you for reading over my application, it means a lot. :D


Denied, I have decided to deny your application due to inactivity on the server (last login 26d ago) + you only have 7hrs of playtime
If you are still interested in joining the staff team feel free to reapply once you've shown more dedication towards your activity
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