Accepted Appeal for Permanently ban


New Member
username: itachi_32
how long is ur ban: pernament
when were u punished: 14/01/2022 time: 3am my time so basically yesterday
Reason for appeal (explain yourself & why you want a second chance): i was banned for using an auto clicker for about a minute and my friend saw me using it at him we were in the same nation so i didnt damage him so he saw the a mod was on and that was frostwolf74 he said frostwolf74 someone is using an autoclicker and frostwolf said who is it then my friend aka salman_32 said it is itachi_32 then isaid it was only 20 or 17 cps then we all went in a call and then frostwolf was talking with the staff members he was on mute so i didnt hear what he said then he unmuted that he said it was pernament ban then i regret using an auto clickor macro and Im rly sry and i will wont do it again and its ok if u dont want to remove the ban, i understand ty.