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Announcement πŸ€The Spring ResetπŸ€


The Winter Release has been completed!
We have been able to gather a lot of bugs, suggestions, and feedback, and have adjusted the server accordingly for this release. During the Winter Release, we also gathered some statistics (as of April 13th):

Total Unique Logins: 14,446 (~450 school classes)
Existing Factions: 357 (almost double the amount of IRL countries)
Existing Chunks Claimed: 318,594 (81,560,064 blocks on ground surface ONLY)
Existing Balance Acquired: $7,968,584,329 (about 1,4 billion Big Macs)
Existing GeoBits Acquired: 16355.06 ($115,219,339 worth of BitCoins)
Total Playtime: 6101 days, 11 hours, 48 minutes, 19 seconds (~16,7 years)
Total Punishments: 3776 (96% of the number of people in Norwegian prisons)
Total Players Linked to Discord: 984 (13,5% of all of our discord members)


In preparation for the new EARTH reset, the Spring Season, the network will be put into maintenance mode on Tuesday, the 14th of April at 6:00 PM EST | 11:00 PM UK | 00:00 AM CET.

The server will then be launching on...
Saturday, 25th of April at 1:00 PM EST | 6:00 PM UK | 19:00 CET
(Click HERE to view a countdown)


❀ Giveaway
In celebration of this release, we are currently hosting a giveaway on our Discord server. You can join by clicking HERE.
We will be giving away the following items:
  • 1x Spring Bundle (1 Winner)
  • 1x Lifetime Obsidian Rank (1 Winner)
  • 1x Lifetime Emerald Rank (1 Winner)
  • 2x Queue Bypasses (2 Winners)
The giveaway will end Saturday, 25th of April at 10:00 AM EST | 3:00 PM UK | 16:00 CET.

We want to give everyone a second chance and have decided to wipe punishments. All players will have their entire punishment record completely reset, except users banned or blacklisted for chargeback, or any actions with malicious intent (such as DDoS or unreported duping).

πŸ“Server Information
  • The server will open on April 25th at 1:00 PM EST | 6:00 PM UK | 19:00 CET
  • Grace Period: 1 Week
  • Nation Information:
    • Max Size: 20 members (+20 upgradable bonus)
    • Max Land: 5 000 chunks (+1000 upgradable bonus)



You can now become in-game friends with your friends!
  • Friends can set their own unique status that will show up in your friends GUI
  • If a friend is connected to the network, it will show what server they are on in the friends GUI
  • If a friend connects to a server or goes AFK, it will send a broadcast to you


Our GeoBits currency has been replaced with Tokens! Tokens are rarer and better and can be obtained through kills, mining, voting and more. These tokens can be used in the new Token shop where you can purchase ranks, in-game items, store credits, and boosters!

You can access the token shop using /tokens.

We have added Lootboxes!
These can ONLY be purchased on our store,, and will give you 10 random items; 1 being a RARE item.

You can open your Lootboxes using /lootbox.

We have made several adjustments to the faction system:
  • Added a new faction map GUI, /f gui, that allows for a better overview of nearby claims (credit to MickMMars)
  • Added a new faction point system
    • They can be obtained through kills, winning wars and balance, but will be deducted by deaths
  • Added /f upgrade
    • You can purchase faction upgrades using Tokens or unlock them with Faction Points
  • Added a faction claim tax
    • At the end of every week, you will be charged $50 per chunk
    • If you do not pay for a chunk, the chunk will be unclaimed
  • You can now set your faction discord using /f setdiscord
  • You can now lock your claims to prevent members to enter them using the faction map GUI or /f lock
  • The Ally Interaction option is now disabled as default
  • Made improvements to the War System; more information will be provided in the Discord once the Grace Period ends.

Other Changes
  • Added a new Earth map (credit to bluekom)
  • Added a Tutorial Book when you first log in
  • Added new builds
  • Added a 12-hour Immunity Timer that will be given to all new players
  • Added an option to fully disable the scoreboard
  • Added several options to customize your scoreboard
  • Added a cooldown to /pay
  • Added /trashbin to dispose unwanted items
  • Added /home list to list all your homes
  • Added Boosters
    • Boosters can help speed up your gameplay for a limited time!
    • Boosters can be purchased through the Token Shop
    • There are two types of Boosters:
      • Double Token - increases your income of Tokens by 2x
      • Double Income - increases your income of in-game balance by 2x
  • PvP will now only be enabled under these circumstances:
    • The attacked player or the attacker does NOT have Immunity Timer
    • The attacked player and the attacker are NOT in the same faction, OR, friendly fire is enabled for the faction
    • The attacked player and the attacker's factions are NOT allied, OR, friendly fire is enabled for both factions
    • The attacked player and the attacker is located in Warzone or Wilderness, OR, factions are in an on-going War
  • Implemented a new Queue System
  • Made improvements to the Dynmap
  • Made changes to the Auction House:
    • You can now bid on items
    • You can now choose how long your item should be available
    • You can now sort items by oldest, newest, highest price, or lowest price!
  • Made changes to voting:
    • There is now a 100% chance to receive a Vote Key
    • There is now a 25% chance to receive a Tier 2 Key during a Vote Party
    • Voting will count towards a total amount of votes, rather than streaks, and will grant you additional rewards accordingly
  • Made changes to Custom Enchants:
    • Updated the GUI to give it a fresh look
    • Custom Enchants are now purchased using Tokens
    • AutoSmelt:
      • Will now automatically transform gravel to flint
      • Will now properly give XP
    • Lifesteal:
      • Increased the amount of health stolen from 0.5/1/1.5 HP to 1/2/3 HP
    • Burnfree:
      • Can now be applied to Elytras
  • The server will now support 1.15.2 clients
  • You can now heal using Mushroom Soups (❀3.5)
  • After being AFK for 5 minutes, you will receive an AFK-suffix on the tablist
  • Revamped crate loot
  • Revamped shop prices
  • Revamped Missions
  • Made optimizations to the servers and the plugins' code
  • Removed Envoys
  • Removed Jackpots
  • Removed /bottle
  • (Coming Soon) Basic Vehicles
  • (Coming Soon) Basic Guns
  • (Coming Soon) Basic Machinery
  • (Coming Soon) Improved War System
  • (Coming Soon) Improvements to claim filling
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where boats could be placed in enemy territory
  • Fixed an issue where bedrock could be placed and interacted with
  • Fixed an issue where TNT could be placed and interacted with
  • Fixed an issue where you could /pay using decimals
  • Fixed an issue with the Auction House causing dupe glitches
  • Fixed an issue with the Auction House items being incorrectly located
  • Fixed an issue where durability would not be properly set when using tools with the Explosive custom enchant
  • Fixed an issue where CoreProtect would not properly track blocks broken with the Explosive enchantment
  • Fixed an issue with the player home limit being determined by the disguise rank
  • Fixed an issue in the Lobby that would cause performance issues
  • Fixed an issue with player settings including the wrong item
  • Fixed an issue with hat cosmetics forcefully removing your own helmet
  • Fixed several issues with the GUI system
  • Fixed a formatting issue with /f ally
  • Fixed a formatting issue with faction chat
  • Fixed a formatting issue in the Auction House
  • Fixed a formatting issue in the Faction Options GUI
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