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  1. MonsterHunter

    Accepted Sypan's ban appeal

    Accepted Dont even joke about doxing in the future
  2. MonsterHunter

    Accepted loam_jomes' Punishment Appeal

    Accepted Since you guys seem remorseful and want to compensate the victim, i am fine with you being unbanned
  3. MonsterHunter

    Accepted vWolfyy's Punishment Appeal

    Accepted Since you guys seem remorseful and want to compensate the victim, i am fine with you being unbanned
  4. MonsterHunter

    Accepted Obama_Balls420's Treaty Evasion Ban Appeal

    Accepted Since you werent the main person behind it and seem sorry, i have reduced ur ban to 2 days
  5. MonsterHunter

    Accepted ban appeal 2

    Accepted One of your previous swastikas were found and you were accidentally banned for it, sorry for the wrong ban please tell us if you have any more swastikas anywhere
  6. MonsterHunter

    Accepted Obama_Balls420 Ban Appeal

    Accepted, il reduce ur punishment to a 3hr mute instead, do not harrass sezzy or be toxic to any other players again
  7. MonsterHunter

    Accepted TheBadFede Ban

    Accepted Since you have made assurances of not insiding/alting and came clean I will reduce your ban to a week
  8. MonsterHunter

    Denied Ban of TheBadFede and Liverfool (pls unban we)

    Denied It is clear that liverfool is not your brother, you used multiple accouts to try steal from another nation and profit from that stealing. Under further investigation it was found that you used another alt account called dylanturnz02180 to create the stash location of the insiding...
  9. MonsterHunter

    Accepted Imagine_Simpai's Ban Appeal

    Accepted Since you seem to show remorse and are trying to take responsibility for your actions you can be unbanned. But this is your 2nd time tp killing, so do not let it happen again or you will recieve a much harsher punishment
  10. MonsterHunter

    Denied Jimyy_906's Punishment Appeal

    Denied You show no remorse and don't seem to understand that joking about doxing is not funny
  11. MonsterHunter

    Denied WeeneeWarrior's Punishment Appeal

    Denied You don't seem remorseful or even understand how serious doxing is, "trying" to not dox people is not enough, y
  12. MonsterHunter

    Accepted AFrogsNation's Ban Appeal

    Accepted Since you seem remorseful you can be unbanned early
  13. MonsterHunter

    Accepted GoldenWolf1204's Punishment Appeal (:

    Accepted Since it a gray area of the rules you can be unbanned this time but you must stop using schemtica for exploitive purposes. Printer can only be used in the construction of farms, it is now allowed to be used to replant crops, maintain farms or be used as an alternative to an...
  14. MonsterHunter

    Accepted I was recently banned for joking with my friend.

    Accepted Since you seem sorry for your actions and have made it clear that you will not do it again, your punishment will be reduced
  15. MonsterHunter

    Denied LieutenantPeter Doxx Appeal

    Denied "In conclusion, i am aware that joking with someone's ip is bad and i am truly sorry for that, but the ip i sent was not intended to be real, thus meaning i'm an innocent fella and should be unbanned." The first part contradicts all of this and you still do not seem to understand how...
  16. MonsterHunter

    Accepted Banned

    Accepted Since your are remorseful and i believe you have learnt not to do offensive builds again, you can be unbanned
  17. MonsterHunter

    Accepted daky0n's ban appeal

    Accepted Since you seem remorseful and its the start of the season, you can be given another chance. Do not attempt to be racist or edgy again otherwise you will recieve a harsher punishment
  18. MonsterHunter

    Accepted Jakub_Tyrell's ban appeal

    Accepted Since you and dawson made majority of the gear that was taken, you can be unbanned, please be more careful in the future when it comes to taking gear from shared faction chests as people might get the wrong idea
  19. MonsterHunter

    Accepted Gojojodragon's Mute Appeal

    Accepted Since it has been a while and you seem remorseful and stayed out of trouble you can be unmuted
  20. MonsterHunter

    Accepted Unban Request

    Accepted Don't be involved in breaking the rules next time and make sure you fully understand what is and isn't allowed