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Announcement ❄️The Winter Release❄️

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The beta is about to end.
We have been able to gather a lot of bugs, suggestions, and feedback, and have adjusted the server accordingly for this release. During the beta, we also gathered some statistics (as of December 23rd):

Total Unique Logins: 5,952
Total Factions Created: 1,199
Total Chunks Claimed: 218,468
Total Balance Acquired: $2 341 890 000
Total GeoBits Acquired: 4628.61
Total Playtime: 1554 days, 11 hours, 54 minutes, 9 seconds
Total Punishments: 801
Total Players Linked to Discord: 233

We are very happy with the results we saw from the beta, so we're finally here to announce the full release: the Winter Release.


The network will go into maintenance mode to prepare for the release on Thursday, the 25th of December at 6:00 PM EST | 11:00 PM UK | 12:00 AM CET.

The server will then be launching on...
Friday, 27th of December at 1:00 PM EST | 6:00 PM UK | 19:00 CET
(Click HERE to view a countdown)


This reset has an exclusive trailer!
Anyone re-uploading the trailer to their youtube channel will receive a free Tier II crate key when they first log in!

You must follow the following instructions in order to receive your reward.
  1. Download the folder with trailer, thumbnail and text document HERE.
  2. Use the correct video (Trailer.mp4 in the folder)
  3. Use the correct title and description (TitleAndDesc.txt in the folder)
  4. Use the correct thumbnail (Thumbnail.jpg in the folder)
  5. To claim your reward, post a link to your youtube video and...