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    Geographica | Earth

    It's finally here... the long-awaited reset. The staff team has worked to make this the most feature-rich, thrilling and fun reset and we sincerely apologize for the long delay.

    Keep in mind that this is a CLOSED BETA ONLY. The reason why is to allow us to gather feedback and find bugs with -a smaller player count. There are three ways to receive access to the closed beta:
    1. "Closed Beta" role in Discord (will not be given out!)
    2. Obsidian Rank purchased here
    3. Closed Beta Access purchased here

    Once the closed beta is over, EVERYONE will be able to play. Additional information will be provided in the near future.

    WARNING: The closed beta will most likely contain a lot of bugs, issues, and many server restarts (due to infrastructure being brand new)


    25% Reset Sale is ACTIVE at (click here!)


    Reset Information
    • Nation Size: 20 man
      • 40 when fully upgraded
    • Land (chunks):
      • Per player: 300
      • Max land: 4000

    • Introducing...
      • Geobits
        • Geobits is our new, custom currency. They can be used in-game to purchase balance, items, or boosters.
        • Geobits are obtained through conversion with in-game balance by using /store.
        • NOTE: Geobits will exist in addition to our regular dollar currency.
    • Missions
      • Missions are completable tasks that will reward you with in-game balance upon completion.
        • The amount of balance given is different depending on the difficulty of the Mission.
      • There will be "Free" and "Premium" missions. Free missions will be available for all players, while Premium missions will be exclusive to certain ranks and player groups.
    • Crate Keys
      • Crate Keys can be obtained through voting, or purchased with Geobits.
      • To view the crates menu, use /crates.
    • Custom Enchants
      • Custom Enchants are enchants that go beyond the regular Minecraft enchants. They are more overpowered and also harder to get.
      • Custom Enchants can be purchased in-game with Geobits using /enchants.
      • EDIT: Since the Enchants were spoiled we have received tons of feedback and have done the following changes:
        • Increased the price of the Catpaws, Sprinter and Leap enchantments.
        • Changed the Catpaws enchantment to make it "softly" land instead of ticking for damage but not taking any.
        • Changed the Lifesteal enchantment chance to 5/10/15% depending on enchantment level.
        • The grappling enchantment now applies for Crossbows.
        • The grappling enchantment can now hook into any block, instead of just entities.
        • The Tank enchantment damage reduction has been changed to 15/30/50% depending on the enchantment level.
        • The Tank enchantment will now move 50% slower and do 25% less damage.
        • The Tank enchantment will now require an entire set to be equipped.
        • The Bleed enchantment's cooldown has been replaced with a smaller chance to activate.
        • Removed the Glowing enchantment.
        • Removed the Reforged enchantment.
        • Removed the Hellforged enchantment.
    • Updated the server to version 1.14.4
    • Updated all donator ranks
      • Sergeant ⇾ Iron
      • Lieutenant ⇾ Gold
      • Major ⇾ Diamond
      • General ⇾ Diamond
      • (NEW) Obsidian
      • 25% Reset Sale at
    • Reverted PVP to pre-1.9
      • There will be no hit delay.
    • Added an in-game store
      • Use /store to access it.
      • Geobits is the primary currency used in it.
      • In the store, you can:
        • ...purchase crate keys
        • ...purchase spawners
        • ...purchase faction upgrades
        • ...purchase vouchers
        • ...purchase Custom Enchants
        • ...purchase exclusive items
        • ...convert balance
    • Added Sell Wands
      • Right-click on a chest to sell all valuable items within it.
      • A Sell Wand has 100 uses before being destroyed.
      • Sell Wands can be purchased using /store.
    • Added Vouchers
      • Vouchers are rare items that increase your wealth.
      • Vouchers can be purchased using /store.
      • There are four types of Vouchers:
        • Balance - gives a randomized amount of money
        • Geobits - gives a randomized amount of Geobits
        • Rank - gives a randomized rank (very rare!)
        • Random - randomly picks between balance, Geobits, and a rank.
    • Added Backpacks
      • Backpacks are upgradeable, portable chests.
      • The higher the backpack tier, the more items it can carry.
        • Tiny: 9 slots
        • Small: 18 slots
        • Medium: 27 slots
        • Large: 36 slots
    • Added CoinFlips
      • Create one using /coinflip <wager> [heads|tails]
      • To view current CoinFlips, use /coinflip.
    • Added Chest Shops
      • An alternate way to sell or buy items!
      • [​IMG][​IMG]
    • Added a /options command
    • Added a /ping command
    • Added a /playtime command
    • Added a /request command to call for staff assistance
    • Added a /report command to report a player
    • Added a Combat Tag of 45 seconds
    • Added the ability to fly in your own territory and in Spawn
    • Added a custom tab and scoreboard
    • Added Combat Loggers
      • If you log out while your Combat Tag timer is active or during a War, a Villager will spawn at your logout location.
      • The villager can be killed, resulting in you being killed normally.
      • If untouched, the villager will despawn after 30 seconds.
      • TIP: Log out somewhere safe!
    • Added Jackpot
      • Use /jackpot deposit to deposit money into the Jackpot.
      • The more you deposit, the higher chance you have of winning.
      • The winner receives the entire jackpot value.
    • Added an Event System
      • Events will be run on a regular basis.
      • There are two events:
        • Guess The Word
          • Automatically starts every hour.
          • The definition of a randomized word is given, your job is to guess the correct word.
          • The winner will receive a sweet reward.
        • Kill the Dragon
        • Automatically starts every Saturday at 1 PM EST.
        • An Enderdragon will spawn in the End.
        • When the dragon has been killed, a chest will spawn containing 10 rewards.
          • The nation with most damage dealt to the Dragon will have exclusive access to 5 of those.
          • Once the 5 rewards have been taken or 30 seconds have passed, the chest will be available to everyone else.
    • Improved the MobStacker system
      • Breeding will now work properly.
    • Implemented a new messaging system
    • Implemented a staff mode and other staff utilities
    • Implemented a Deathban System
      • After dying, you will be temporarily banned from the server as a "punishment".
      • The length of the deathban differs depending on player rank.
        • To view the length of your deathban, click here.
      • Deathbans will only be applied if you die in Combat.
    • Implemented a system to obtain Spawners:
      • The system is based on four different spawner tiers:
        • Legendary
          • The highest tier, the hardest obtained and the most rewarding.
        • Epic
        • Rare
        • Common
          • The lowest tier, the easiest obtained and the least rewarding.
      • Upon breaking a Spawner with a Crowbar, you will be given a Broken Spawner of that mob type.
        • A Crowbar can be purchased in the in-game shop at /shop.
        • A Broken Spawner of a specific type can also be purchased instantly in the Spawner Shop at /shop.
      • A Broken Spawner can then be combined with the required mob essence to fully "repair" the Spawner.
        • The different spawner tiers have different essences.
        • Killing a mob has a chance to drop a mob essence of the tier it's in.
      • The repaired Spawner can then be placed and will spawn mobs normally.
    • Made adjustments to the faction system
      • Setting a home is now done by placing down a Banner instead of using a command.
      • Added Faction Warps
        • Use /f warp set <name> to create one.
        • Use /f warp <name> to warp.
      • Added Faction Boosters
        • Faction Boosters can be purchased in the in-game shop using /store.
        • Faction Boosters will only work per faction and/or in your own territory.
        • There are 5 types of boosters:
          • XP Boost - increases your XP income.
          • Food Reduction - reduces hunger speed.
          • Mob Spawn Rates - increases the spawn rates of mobs.
          • Faction Warps - increases the max number of faction warps from the default of 2.
          • Faction Slots - increases the number of faction slots from the default of 20.
    • Implemented a new CB and War System
      • The new War system resembles the MiniWars points system.
        • Once a player breaks the opponent nation's home (the banner), a timer of 10 minutes will start.
        • It is up to the nation to protect this player, while the opponent nation has to track and chase the player down.
        • While the timer is active, the player holding the banner cannot move outside the opponent nation's claim.
        • If the player is not killed within 10 minutes, the War is over and the player's nation is the winning one.
      • Automated the War process.
    • Improved servers and optimized all plugins to improve performance and allow more players with minimal lag
    • Improved the shop system and combined it with the Market (Auction House)
      • Use /shop or /market for more information on usage.
    • Removed Guns
    • Removed Slimefun
    • ... and more to come...
    The server will be launching...
    Saturday, 9th of November at 1:00 PM EST | 6:00 PM UK | 19:00 CET
    (Click HERE to view a countdown)

    See you there! :)
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    East coast
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    Can't wait for the beta! Very glad to see progress moving along, if slowly... There's definitely some things that need to be fixed, but that is why there's a beta after all.
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    Dec 7, 2019
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    When is the next reset happening, i would like to prepare
    and also do you have a brief date of when the full server will be released and will come out of beta so we dont have to keep resetting.
  4. KaramellCookiee

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    Jul 17, 2019
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    No ETA for either of these.
    Currently the Sever is up in Open Beta and the Devs are working on bigfixes all the time, as they are creating their own plugins.
    You are welcome to play in the Beta tho!

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