Hello there!

You ̶h̶e̶a̶r̶d̶ read it from the title: we need your help! We are currently working on Etheria, but we need your feedback and ideas!

Where is Etheria?
Etheria is being worked on as we speak! We need suggestions from you. As of right now, we have decided to vault the SlimeFun feature for Etheria, and Earth for the future, due to extreme lag issues from it. We know it's not optimal to get rid of SlimeFun, but at this point it's necessary. We are currently looking for an alternative, or alternative features to compensate the riddance of SlimeFun.

Note: All suggestions regarding this thread should be a reply to this thread. Keep in mind that you should put all other suggestions in the suggestions and bugs section!

What is Etheria going to look like?
Etheria will have the same concept as the Earth server; but with a few twists. There will be a different world generation, meaning that this is not the Earth, but just a world generation. Claiming all works the same, and we will still have a Dynmap for our server.

Obviously with SlimeFun removed, we will have different alternatives, so make sure to give us some suggestions for that! Etheria will not have any guns, this server will be more like a vanilla type server. Since there are no guns, there will be no sword delay (1.8 like PvP). Vehicles will also be making a return!

Some new features that may be a thing on Etheria are faction flight, and setting your own dynmap colour.

Sneak peek of the Etheria landscape!

When is Etheria releasing?
Great question! We are hoping to release Etheria around end of June/Mid July, stay tuned, as big...