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Recent content by Hostadam

  1. Hostadam

    Announcement Introducing KITPVP...

    Bored of waiting in a long queue? Need to practice your pvp skills? Want to just have some fun? KitPvP is coming your way! Date & Time KITPVP will be releasing on Friday, the 31st of July at 3:00 PM EST | 8:00 PM UK | 21:00 CEST. Information Here you can view information about KitPvP - simply...
  2. Hostadam

    Pending Faction perms

    We have this written down to implement later on, thanks!
  3. Hostadam

    Pending A google doc with a list of all the comands

    I'll write this down to implement later on. For this Season, we have implemented a "Tutorial Book" that should hopefully address a lot of first-login concerns. Thank you for the suggestion!
  4. Hostadam

    Accepted Filling in hollow claims gets your fly away

    In our latest update (v.1.0.2, released 28th of April), I believe this issue has been fixed! Thank you for the bug report!
  5. Hostadam

    Pending Plugin that unclaims a nation if they have a hollow claim wider that 4x4 and that has not been filled in a span of 30 minutes after creation

    I have written this down in our "In Discussion" section and will investigate the matter further. Thank you for the suggestion!
  6. Hostadam

    Denied Implement worldedit for a fee

    I don't think this would bring positive consequences to it; sure, it may be cool, but it would be hard to limit players and prevent exploits / other issues. Appreciate the suggestion though!
  7. Hostadam

    Solved Anvil Bug

    I'll take a look at this and attempt to find a solution. Thank you!
  8. Hostadam

    Announcement 🍀The Spring Reset🍀

    The Winter Release has been completed! We have been able to gather a lot of bugs, suggestions, and feedback, and have adjusted the server accordingly for this release. During the Winter Release, we also gathered some statistics (as of April 13th): Total Unique Logins: 14,446 (~450 school...